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Become a Member of Storytellers of New Mexico

Membership dues are low so allow ready access to all.  Membership is due by the end of March annually and covers the member for one year.  This year, the deadline was extended to April 30, 2014.  Don’t miss out!  Join or renew your membership today!

Member Benefits

Quarterly Newsletter

Website listing (including photo)

E-mail updates between newsletters

$20 per day rental of sound system (Contact Bob Kanegis at 505-890-7075 to reserve; Use of the STNM lavalier microphone requires individual training.)

Tellabration – annual global storytelling celebrations in New Mexico & beyond

Story swaps/mini workshops/story crafting sessions

Workshop discounts

Referrals for storytelling jobs

Professional Member Benefits

In addition to the above Member Benefits, the Professional Member category means that STNM will advertise a member’s “for profit” events (such as workshops, performances, mentoring, etc.) on the STNM website, in the newsletter and through e-mail messages to STNM members in your area.

Membership Dues

Regular: $15/year

Students and Retirees Age 65+: $5/year

Professional Storyteller Member $35/year regular; $20/year Senior

Annual Membership dues are due in March

Anyone may join at any time during the year

Anyone who joins in the last quarter will have a one-time carryover of membership into the next year.

Application Form

Membership Brochure



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